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  • Read Naa-tan to Goshujin-tama online

    Naa-tan to Goshujin-tama

    n/a [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2015 Rating: NA (0 Votes)
  • Read Nabari No Ou online

    Nabari No Ou

    Rokujou Miharu was a seemly reluctant junior high student living in his own world. However, within him, lurked the ultimate power of Nabari, “Omnipotent”. To possess such supreme weapon, the… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2004 Rating: 10/10 (4 Votes)
    Latest: Nabari No Ou 72
  • Read Nabi online


    The series begins as a guest visits a temple where Myo-Un and Ryu-Sang are living along with many other orphan children. This guest turns out to be an assassin who… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2006 Rating: 9.83/10 (6 Votes)
    Latest: Nabi 16.4.2
  • Read Nabi The Prototype online

    Nabi The Prototype

    In this collection of cute shojo stories, Ryu-Sang is a tough boy who gets in fights and--although he doesn't want to admit it--cares for the girl he's supposed to protect. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 10/10 (2 Votes)
  • Read Nachun online


    Near future. A world renowned mathematician/physicist Francis Dullam loses his left brain hemisphere and retires from the hard science to study dolphins. Several years later he comes up with the… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2006 Rating: 10/10 (2 Votes)
    Latest: Nachun 36
  • Read Nae-soong 9th Grade Project online

    Nae-soong 9th Grade Project

    Who would have thought that Jung areum, the beauty queen of school had a sister with no other hobby than stealing people's food?? Well this girl is no other than… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2009 Rating: 9.83/10 (6 Votes)
  • Read Nagareboshi Lens online

    Nagareboshi Lens

    Risa is a middle-school student who has zero experience in love, but hopes to one day find that special someone. After an unexpected event, Risa now finds herself entangled with… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2010 Rating: 9.67/10 (6 Votes)
  • Read Nagareboshi ni Negau Hodo Bokura wa Sunao ja Nai online

    Nagareboshi ni Negau Hodo Bokura wa Sunao ja Nai

    N/A [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2015 Rating: 10/10 (1 Votes)
  • Read Nagasarete Airantou online

    Nagasarete Airantou

    Ikuto Touhohin just had a last fight with his old man, one that led him to make a rash decision to run away from home. He boards a ship, deciding… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2003 Rating: 9.85/10 (33 Votes)
  • Read Nagatachou Strawberry online

    Nagatachou Strawberry

    Ichinose Hime is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Japan, and because of this, she has been unable to lead a normal school life. Hoping to hide her title… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2003 Rating: 9.86/10 (7 Votes)
  • Read Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu online

    Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu

    The spin-off of "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" begins! This time the main heroine is Yuki! The story revolves around Yuki and Kyon, about their school life, their club activities,… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2009 Rating: 10/10 (10 Votes)
  • Read Nageki no Marie online

    Nageki no Marie

    Mariko was tormented by a boy during her primary school days for her flashy appearance, and has dressed plainly ever since. What happens when she ends up meeting her bully… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2013 Rating: 10/10 (4 Votes)
  • Read Nagi no Asu kara online

    Nagi no Asu kara

    A story between the Sea and the Earth. Childhood friends Hikari and Manaka, who live in the sea, together with their friends Kaname and Chisaki, are forced to attend school… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2013 Rating: 10/10 (5 Votes)
  • Read Nagisa Shokudou online

    Nagisa Shokudou

    From Lucia Rose: This 4-koma tells the story of Kurihara Nagisa, a high-school girl who loves eating and cooking. Together with her friends Kanako and Chiaki, the three girls bond… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2013 Rating: 10/10 (6 Votes)
  • Read Nagori Yuki online

    Nagori Yuki

    N/A [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 1996 Rating: 10/10 (2 Votes)
    Latest: Nagori Yuki 1
  • Read Naipes online


    Tarot Cards! For centuries they have been used to tell the fortunes of nobles and royalty. Used by many people, they are composed of 22 major cards and 56 minor… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2012 Rating: 10/10 (2 Votes)
    Latest: Naipes 5
  • Read Naisho ja Tarinai yo  online

    Naisho ja Tarinai yo

    Actually we are married Together with the senpai that I adored, a secret newlywed life. But, senpai always treat me like I’m a little kid… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2014 Rating: 10/10 (4 Votes)
  • Read Naisho No Jikan online

    Naisho No Jikan

    From Chibi Manga: At school Mahiro was a super sober girl. But after school she is doing cosplay in a cafe... She has a double life. But is her classmate… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.86/10 (7 Votes)
  • Read Naisho No Princess online

    Naisho No Princess

    When Kana was 6 years old, her best friend Kouki moved away to Hokkaido. But before he left, they promised to meet again and get married. For seven years, Kana… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 1995 Rating: 10/10 (3 Votes)
  • Read Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] online

    Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]

    Iride Akatsuki is a popular game footage uploader. He wakes up one day to find that he's been kidnapped and taken to a strange place, along with a number of… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2014 Rating: 9/10 (1 Votes)
  • Read Nakabo Rintaro online

    Nakabo Rintaro

    Follows Nakabo Rintaro, an agent of a special extralegal government agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting individuals guilty of misappropriating funds. Prepare yourself for epic manliness from the artist of… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 1998 Rating: 10/10 (2 Votes)
  • Read Nakahara-kun no Kahogo na Imouto online

    Nakahara-kun no Kahogo na Imouto

    Nakahara Yusuke is a high school boy who has a very loving younger sister, Maria. She loves spending each day taking care of him, doing things such as cooking and… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2015 Rating: NA (0 Votes)
  • Read Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Keisuke wa Umakuikanai online

    Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Keisuke wa Umakuikanai

    Nakamura Koedo is in love with Daizu Keisuke, who’s been going to the same middle school as her. But despite being in the same class, they have never talked to… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2013 Rating: 10/10 (3 Votes)
  • Read Nakanai Hotaru online

    Nakanai Hotaru

    “I’ve hurt many people and ran back here.” Taishi who has been living in the countryside once again meets his childhood friend Ayase. Moving away when he was an elementary… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2013 Rating: 10/10 (3 Votes)
  • Read Nakanmon! online


    Hirahara Tsukasa just moved to Tokyo from Hiroshima, and she's late on her first day of school because she misses the bus. But this leads to a chance encounter with… [More]
    Status: Ongoing Released: 2011 Rating: 10/10 (4 Votes)
    Latest: Nakanmon! 16.5
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